"People forget a year but remember a moment".

“Our goal is to make your stay with us a pleasant experience. This is what we work on day after day. It’s not only the hotel’s facilities and location that contribute to this, but especially the people who always provide those little moments that guests like to remember.”  

Andrea Morjan I CEO

Guest service has tradition

The hotel was built out of the rubble after World War 2 by Wilhelm Morjan and his wife Margarete and was at that time a sign of reconstruction in the city of Koblenz, which had been largely destroyed by bombs. Haus Morjan, as the hotel was called at the time, developed in just a few years into a hostel popular with Koblenz guests. This was certainly due to the good quality and the great commitment with which Wilhelm and Margarete ran the hotel.

In the 1970s, son Winfried and his wife Karin took over the helm. The hotel was raised to its current height and the guest rooms were renovated. Winfried and Karin Morjan have retained the quality standards and the high orientation towards the wishes of the guests. Already at the friendly and cordial reception one notices that the hotel is led by the family. Here the ways to the guest are short and the management always has everything in view. This has a positive influence on the quality. Here the “boss” knows exactly what the guest’s needs are. And the fulfillment of these wishes is worked on continuously.

In 2010, daughter Andrea took over the management of the kitchen. With verve and fresh ideas, high-quality dishes from the region were conjured up on the guest’s plate. Her husband Armand is responsible for the front office. After the death of Winfried Morjan, Karin and Andrea Morjan took over the management of the business.

With the future of the hotel business and the needs of the guests firmly in mind, the reception, lounge and breakfast areas were completely redesigned in the winter of 2020/2021 and the gastronomic concept was revised and adapted to the changing needs of the guests.

The focus is now on the most important meal of the day: breakfast. The new gourmet buffet leaves nothing to be desired and takes individual nutritional concepts into account. The efforts for the well-being of the guests were also recognized by the Hotel and Restaurant Association. In spring 2022, the hotel received the classification 3 stars superior.

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