Ehrenbreitstein fortress

It has an almost magical appeal, this fortress on a rocky crag high above the junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Enjoy the thrilling panoramic view. The fortress is easily accessible by funicular. The valley station for the funicular is just 100 m from our hotel.


Garden of butterflies

In the butterfly garden, amidst a world of tropical plants, you can enjoy hundreds of exotic butterflies up close. This small exotic paradise, housed in two glass pavilions, was founded in 1987 by Prince Alexander and Princess Gabriela zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. Sayn is a district of Bendorf. It is about 15 km from the hotel.


Andernach geyser

Discover the world’s highest-elevation cold-water geyser. The Andernach geyser is found in the idyllic landscape of the Rhine Valley, in a nature reserve on the “Namedyer Werth” peninsula. After a trip to the Visitors’ Center, where you follow the path of a CO2 molecule through the Earth’s layers to its upper surface, you then embark on the real trip to the geyser by boat… The hotel is about 20 km from the Visitors’ Center.


Volcano park

Go back in time to the world of the Eifel volcanoes. In addition to the highlights – the Rauschermühle info center in Plaidt/Saffig, the Meurin Roman mine near Kretz and the Lava Dome in Mendig – the volcano park includes more than 20 other unique volcanological, archaeological and industrial-history projects that are open to visitors. Its indoor and outdoor offerings guarantee adventure, fun and learning experiences all year round and in any kind of weather. The sites are between 20 and 30 km from the hotel.


Laacher Lake

Laacher Lake lies at the center of the young volcanic region of the Eastern Eifel. The lake’s surface, about two kilometers wide and three kilometers long, has a magical attraction for many people. Carbon dioxide is constantly emitted at the water’s surface along the eastern shore of the lake, a phenomenon known as mofettes. The 50-meter-tall Wingertsberg wall is the site of the most powerful volcano eruption in Central Europe in recent geological history, about 13,000 years ago. Laacher Lake is about 32 km from our hotel.



Experience driving pleasure, adrenaline kicks and big emotions, whether you choose the Driving Academy, Motor Action, Ring Cart Track or Family & Fun. A world of adventure and excitement has been built up around the mythological Nürburgring, offering fun-filled, exciting hours and even days for the whole family to enjoy all year long.


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