Koblenz Middle Rhine Museum

The Middle Rhine Museum (Mittelrhein-Museum) is located at the heart of the Koblenz Old Town, just 5 minutes’ walk from our hotel. The museum’s collection focuses mainly on the Rhine landscape.


Ludwig Museum

The Ludwig Museum provides a unique look at contemporary art. It is just 3 minutes’ walk away, at the Blumenhof.


Rhine Museum

The Koblenz Rhine Museum (Rhein-Museum Koblenz), founded in 1912, is a cultural history museum that showcases life on the Rhine from various points of view. It is located on the opposite side of the Rhine, in Ehrenbreitstein.


Eltz Castle

One of Germany’s most beautiful, best-preserved castles. In a wonderfully romantic location, surrounded by prehistoric nature, it feels like a fairytale castle come to life. It is about 35 km away in Wierschem/Münstermaifeld.


Café Hahn Koblenz

From variety shows to cabaret, live shows to concerts, there is always something to see here. Café Hahn is in Güls in the Moselle district of Koblenz, about 8 km away from our hotel.


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