Hospitality is tradition

Wilhelm Morjan and his wife Margarete rebuilt the hotel after World War II. Former Haus Morjan already back then was known for its good quality and great commitment of Wilhelm and Margarete making it a frequently visited accommodation for visitors of the city.
In the mid 1970s Winfried and Karin pursued the hotel. The height of the building got raised to its current level and the rooms were fully renovated. Standards of quality and a constant orientation on the guest’s wishes, however, stayed the same.


Welcome to the family


Already during check-in you will realise that our hotel is clearly run by a family. We are always close to our guests and the management is on top of things at any time. This naturally increases quality and we always know about the needs and wants of our guests. Fulfilling those needs is our main purpose.
In 2010 Winfried and Karin’s daughter Andrea took charge of the kitchen. Full of vim and vigor she has created new variations of regional dishes for our guests ever since. Her husband Armand is responsible for our front office. After Winfried Morjan passed away, Karin und Andrea Morjan made it their aim to lead on the family business.


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